Because the online world is so crowded and competitive, you want to create exceptional design for your website, even if you’re a beginner.

Now, we consulted the best team for website design Frome has to offer and collected the following tips will help you design a better site, which will hopefully attract more visitors:

1. Choose A Good Template

Choose a template based on the purpose of your site, ease of use and flexibility. While you want to keep the design in line with your given industry, you also want to be able to add your own unique touches; thus, you could select a template for “yoga”, but make sure it’s one you can modify somewhat, so your website doesn’t look the same as a million other yoga sites.

2. Center The Site Around Speed

Load speed is very crucial in website design, especially considering the fact that search engines, including Google, give preference to sites with faster load times. If it takes more than three seconds or so for users to be able to get a good look at your pages, they’re more likely to click away, in favor of a faster loading site. Google knows this and because they want to provide searchers with the best possible user experience, they’re not going to recommend the slow sites.

From inception to creation, make sure your website loads quickly and across all devices (particularly mobile) and browsers.

3. Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate

Next we spoke with Kloutfire’s search engine optimization experts near San Diego and they mentioned once you start driving traffic with You don’t want people getting lost on your site; you’d much rather they navigate to and from different aspects with intent, either to find useful information or perhaps to buy something from you or subscribe to your newsletter.

Keeping the site simple and easy to use means visitors have a better experience and use your site for its intended purpose – whatever that may be.

4. Keep Everything Easy On The Eyes

Despite the fact that artists use all kinds of vivid and even contrasting colors in their celebrated works, you want to aim for a color scheme that’s very easy on the eyes and that makes seeing the text a simple task. If there’s too much contrast, it becomes difficult to read the important content you’re providing.

5. Create A Brand With Color, Logo And Design

As you build your site, consider the brand it’s going to represent, whether the brand already exists or you’re creating it now. Use a consistent color scheme, have the logo at the top of each page and implement a design that coincides with your brand identity. Everything about your brand can be represented with each element of design, leaving a lasting impression with visitors.

Don’t forget to test your site and get the opinions of other people, too, before you publish it. The Internet is far too competitive for sub-par design and function, so make your website stand out in the most positive ways.